The Evolution of Cell Phones

Every day there is news about new technologies and devices. If we look back in the past we can see what a huge change has happened in the world of technology. For example, ten years ago mobile phones were big and had only one function – talking. Today there are so many different kinds of mobile phones and other devices like iPods, iPads etc. that we cannot even count. All companies in the area of technology work hard to create new devices. Computers, networking technologies, virtual space and many other things are a small part of the present day science.

In short, today it is very easy to choose your new mobile phones – LG, Nokia, Alcatel, Motorola, Sony and many other offer a huge variety of phones. Computers and laptops are something even easier to choose. If the computer was a luxury in the past, today it is just an ordinary part of our home and our life.

The pace of technical development is so fast that soon we will see the new generation of the technology of the future. Professionals say that many devices have outrun their time.

We said about the computers and the mobile phones. What about the new auto technologies? All new cars have a lot of electronics in them. Technologies are developing very fast there, too. Parktronics, climatronics and the other devices in the super class cars are children of the technological progress.

Every one of us has watched Star Wars and we can be sure that the technology there is something that we will see one day. The scientists develop technologies for the space travel like spaceships, satellites and others. The robots that explore other planets and stars are high class technical devices that are programmed to study and to send information to the earth.